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                      Business Qualification

                        Grade A certificate of Chemical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Architecture Light& Textile (food and tobacco) Engineering and EPC issued by Construction Bureau

                        Grade B certificate of Utilities Provisions Commercial Light & Textile Engineering issued by Construction Bureau

                        Grade A and Grade B certificate of Engineering Consolation issued by National Development and Reforming Committee

                        Grade B Certificate of Project Environmental influence assessment issued by National Environment Protection Bureau

                        Environment Pollution Protection Project (waste water waste gas). Grade A1. A2 A3 Certificate of Pressure Vessels and Grade GA GB GC GD certificate of pressure piping design issued by national Quality &Technique Administration Bureau

                        Grade A Certificate of Engineering Supervision for Chemical Petrochemical & Buildings.Issued by construction bureau

                        Grade B Certificate of Engineering Supervision for Machines Installation issued by Provincial Construction Bureau

                        Cleaning production audit certificate

                        Grade A Certificate of construction drawing inspection

                        Agent Construction of project

                      Certificate showing